Can we predict the sensoriality of a lipstick?

30 / 04 2021

Lipstick is a product with a timeless appeal.

If it is true that the preference for a certain color or for the make-up effect (mat, shiny, gloss, etc.) varies from person to person and according to the trends of the moment, it is also true that the desire for an easy application and homogeneous coverage is universal.

In addition to this, there are some standards to which a good lipstick, and lipsticks in general, must always meet: dermatological safety, temperature stability, absence of fractures, easy application and good smoothness.

Particular attention must therefore be paid to the ingredients and in more general to the formulation design, which is of fundamental importance to obtain a lipstick with good application and sensory properties.

As we recently published in MakeUp Technology magazine, through the use of the Texture Analyzer and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) we have developed a method to obtain objective data regarding the properties of lipsticks, including melting point, hardness, consistency. and smoothness.

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