ECO PIPING BAGS among the winners of the BEST PACKAGING 2020

30 / 03 2021

We are proud to announce that ECO PIPING BAGS, developed by UNIFARCO in collaboration with UNIRED, won the BEST PACKAGING QUALITY DESIGN 2020 award, with the following motivation:

“The prototype introduces a new vision and a new concept for cosmetic packaging. The technological transfer of the shape, reminiscent of a pastry sac à poche, affirms new expressive coordinates and offers the consumer the experimentation of new models of use.”

As pointed out by Dr. Gianni Baratto, scientific director of UNIFARCO, the research focused on identifying a bio-polymer deriving from the world of agriculture capable of creating a packaging that was very thin and light, therefore much more sustainable than traditional but equally manageable thanks to a coupling with a special biodegradable paper able to guarantee a pleasant tactile sensation during use. This packaging, in addition to being biodegradable and compostable, allows the consumer to experience a new gesture of fundamental application in establishing a multisensory relationship between cosmetic product and person.

The creation of the ECO PIPING BAGS has also allowed UNIFARCO and UNIRED to create a solid network of collaboration with various actors involved in the development of sustainable packaging, giving life to a virtuous model that can be used in the implementation of future projects.

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