Rheology as a tool for the growth of company know-how

07 / 12 2021

Rheology is a very important tool for the cosmetic industry and finds application in the various stages of design and production of the finished product.

It can significantly improve the knowledge of ingredients and formulations to manage the delicate phase of industrialization in the best possible way and without surprises and can be applied to highlight any critical issues in the shelf life of the product at an early stage.

It also allows you to study the structural properties of products that inevitably have important repercussions on sensory aspects and consumer compliance, as well as provide valuable information to support marketing claims and/or for comparative studies with reference benchmarks.

A practical example of the usefulness of rheology was presented at the 2021 Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC) in which UNIRED participated with the following work: “Physico-mechanical characterization of polyurethanes for cosmetic use: rheology and texture analysis”.

The aim of the study presented was to study the physico-mechanical properties of cosmetic systems formulated with two polyurethane-based rheological modifiers, used alone or in combination.

In this study, rheology, associated with texture analysis, made it possible to characterize new raw materials, comparing them with those conventionally used and to evaluate their contribution to the sliding properties of cosmetic products.

This same methodological approach can be used in the reformulation phase of existing products on the market, if you want to replace raw materials in a short time, with a view, for example, to a better environmental sustainability profile.

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