Is it possible to go beyond the classic methods of evaluating skin efficacy?

30 / 03 2021

With a market increasingly saturated with cosmetic products, the evaluation of skin efficacy is an even more important tool for marketing in order to understand the potential of a product, make the right positioning and support its claims.

But how to understand, in the development of a product, if the improvements recorded by the instruments can actually be perceived by consumers?

In collaboration with Neotron, we have developed a new assessment method, the Personal Skin Efficacy Method (P.S.E.M. ™), which includes both a questionnaire on perceived efficacy and instrumental efficacy measurements. The combination of the two methods allows for example to extrapolate the differences between products, providing a targeted focus that would not be possible only with the instrumental part. The differentiation between the products thus becomes a datum extrapolated from the cross-comparison between a self-evaluation study and an instrumental evaluation, since it acquires a more adequately interpretable meaning.

The synergy between the two methods allows an observation of the cosmetic product at a level that embraces both the safety of the instrumental data and the experience of those who will give the final judgment to the product.

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