Formulation design for stable and effective products

30 / 03 2021

Many cosmetic active ingredients may present difficulties in inserting into the formulation, undergo phenomena of instability or interact with other components of the formula causing problems of instability over time. Furthermore, if not conveyed adequately, they can present reduced effectiveness after application.

How can these problems be avoided?

It is important to study both the rational insertion of the active ingredients in the formula and the interactions that the active molecules can undergo in order to achieve the required stability and efficacy objectives.

Even the sensoriality can be tailor-made by harmonizing marketing needs with usability and functional effectiveness through a careful selection of raw materials.

In our laboratories, we build ad hoc formulation designs based on the customer’s needs. Our strengths are the scientific knowledge as well as our expertise on cosmetic raw materials, even recently launched on the market. Once the prototypes have been developed, they are subjected to a targeted stability study, also thanks to specific chemical-physical analyses.

An example of this type of approach is reported in our article “Formulating O / W Emulsion with Plant-Based Actives: A Stability Challenge for an Effective Product” published in Cosmetics magazine.

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